Puppy school online course

The online puppy school course includes of 5 group trainings, 1 personal consultation for every trainee and 1-month long online group support chat. If you have older dog, but you are still interested in the base knowledge of dog training, you are more than welcome! The course covers following topics:

  1. Stages of puppy development  

  2. Motivation

  3. Playing and calming down

  4. Dog handling

  5. Socializing

  6. Puppy energy level reduction, tricks

  7. Separation. Leaving home and arriving home

  8. On leash and off leash walking

  9. Fear and stress

  10. How to teach commands?

  11. Basic commands: sit, lie, here, next, give, free, no

  12. How to reinforce what you have learned?

One group training is 60min and the personal consultation 30min. There are 3 dogs in one group.

Trainings available in english and estonian and catalan.

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