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Where Is The Dog? Ciutat Vella

"Where Is The Dog?" is a serie of orienteering competitions, while the last word(s) indicate the location of a specific event.

How does it work?

During 2 months, on every Saturday morning, at 09.00 we post 1 short video of a dog doing a trick to our INSTAGRAM. The task of a competitor is to find the place where it was filmed and film his/her dog doing the same trick and upload the trick to their own story and add and #whereisthedog

How to win?

The first one to post the video (in a correct place with the correct trick) gets 100 points, second 90 points, third 80 and so on. The first 3 will win nice prices, but there will also be a lottery between all the people who participated in at least one video-hunt!

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